Cant install ./ --cave due to 2 problems

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Cant install ./ --cave due to 2 problems

Post by Nimmy101 » 2021/05/17 19:46:16

I am trying to run ./ --cave on CentOS8..... but I recieved error with 2 problems....its attached in this thread and highlighted in the red box for you to see easily. How can I solve this issue?

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Re: Cant install ./ --cave due to 2 problems

Post by scottro » 2021/05/17 20:37:55

Just a note, it's usually better to post the text using the

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tags as images can't be cut and pasted.

In any case you can use dnf provides to see what packaqe might provide the missing .so file

But it looks like the program is looking for EOL CentOS-6 packages, so it may be impossible.

I have a somewhat dated but still useful page on the provides option of yum and dnf at
but it does seem as if what you have was build for CentOS-6.
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Re: Cant install ./ --cave due to 2 problems

Post by sml » 2021/05/18 12:14:37

Their site states requirements as
64 bit CentOS/Red Hat 7
The problem is with their install script though. only checks if the system it's running on is EL7, and if not it assumes being run on EL6. So if you're running it on CentOS 8 it will try to install packages for EL6. There are no CAVE packages for EL8.

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Re: Cant install ./ --cave due to 2 problems

Post by jlehtone » 2021/05/18 13:56:08

Perhaps create a CentOS 7 container or VM and run there?

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