Server Hugh during boot, pointing modprobe error

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Server Hugh during boot, pointing modprobe error

Post by bentech3u » 2021/04/14 17:42:15


i rebooted server and it got stuck at boot, saying something related to modprobe, attached screenshot of console window.

how can i fix this issue?
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Re: Server Hugh during boot, pointing modprobe error

Post by TrevorH » 2021/04/14 18:39:19

Congratulations, you win this month's prize for the most out of date and discontinued server. That is CentOS 6.5 from 2013 and is 8 years out of date. Since all of CentOS 6 went completely EOL in November 2020, you should look at running up a new machine on something much much newer and migrate to it ASAP.

There isn't really enough information in that screenshot for anyone to be able to tell you what has gone wrong nor how to fix it. I'd suggest booting from rescue media and running smartctl against all your disks and see if they are healthy.

Judging by the "opcode 59-1 failed" part of that message about bringing up bond2, you may have a broken network card. It's also possible that if you haven't maintained that machine properly in 8 years then perhaps the CMOS battery has died and lost all your BIOS settings.

Edit: there is NO support for CentOS 6 any more. So the long term solution is to replace that install with a newer one. There is no upgrade path from one CentOS major version to another so you need to install a new system and migrate your apps over to it.
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