I can't access via SSH or ping my VPS

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I can't access via SSH or ping my VPS

Post by Mendiola » 2020/12/17 18:40:41

First, greet the community.

I have had CentOS 7 with a control panel running on my VPS for 3 ½ years without issue. But after a force reboot by my provider to all VPS on an affected host, my CentOS doesn't start or work properly.

  • I can't ping my server (4 sent, 0 received, 4 lost)
  • I can't connect via SSH using PuTTY (Network error: Connection timed out)
  • When I do a normal reboot of the VPS, the KVM shows several CentOS 7 kernel for 2 seconds (I don't have time to react in 2 seconds to choose, sometimes the KVM doesn't load in time this screen). After the boot menu, there is only a black screen, but nothing can be typed.
I attach some screenshots that I have been able to take by recording:


Black Screen after the boot menu:

Code: Select all

I appreciate any suspicions of the cause of this error, and any suggestions so that I can find and resolve it. Well, I don't really know where to start.

Thanks again for reading me.

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