gateway throwing error

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gateway throwing error

Post by knzzz » 2020/09/21 04:04:58

Hi All,

when trying to set(add) the gateway ip post installation in centos 7.6 throwing the error

RTNETLINK answers: network is unreachable

i tried by adding the gateway in below methods

----route add default gw GATEWAYIP
----- i made the entry in ip address settings

by performing the above steps i did

systemctl restart network
rebooted the system

but still not able to add the gateway address kindly assist

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Re: gateway throwing error

Post by jlehtone » 2020/09/21 07:16:43

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man ip-route
has an example of syntax:

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ip route add default via $GATEWAYIP
The 'ip' command adds a route on the fly and the result does not persist after reboot.

The network configuration is managed with NetworkManager.service by default.
You restart network.service. Is that a conscious decision?

For network.service, you would set variable GATEWAY in file /etc/sysconfig/network

PS. 7.6? You need the network in order to update.

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