uml_utilities on CentOS 7

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uml_utilities on CentOS 7

Post by simon_lefisch » 2020/07/09 19:53:53

Hey everyone,

I'm looking to create a macOS VM in KVM following this tutorial and one of the packages I need to install is uml_utilities. However I dont see it in any of the repos except EPEL 6. Browsed the web and found it here but looks to be the same package with a more recent build date. Is this ok to install on my Centos 7 box? Or is there another version available for my OS? TIA
Supermicro X10SRi-F mobo
E5-2683v4 16-core CPU
2x 250GB SSD RAID1 (current CentOS 7 version)
2x 500GB SSD RAID1 (VM Disk Image Storage)
2x 4TB HDD RAID1 (Backup Storage via FreeNAS VM)
2X 6TB HDD RAID1 (Data Storage via FreeNAS VM)

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