checksum error with VirtIO NIC

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checksum error with VirtIO NIC

Post by tl5k5 » 2020/06/19 14:31:22

Hey all,
I have a 3 node Proxmox cluster (6.0.4) each with dual 10Gb Intel NICs. On both Windows and CentOS 7.7 VM's I have VirtIO 10Gb NIC's installed.
I have zero issues with Windows. On CentOS I find that any files that are moved to/from a network share fail checksum. There also seems to be poor performance compared to the Windows VM.
When I change the CentOS VM NIC to VMxnet3, the files pass checksum and the performance is much better.
There are almost no resources being used so that shouldn't be an issue.
Any ideas?


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