rpm for xf86-video-vbox

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rpm for xf86-video-vbox

Post by mullein » 2020/05/23 19:44:14

I've installed CentOS 7 in Virtualbox. The screen resolution is pretty low. I would like to get a higher resolution, preferably using only free software, so without Guest Additions.This should be feasible with X.org's xf86-video-vbox driver. I couldn't find an rpm for it in EPEL. Is there a repository that does have it?

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Re: rpm for xf86-video-vbox

Post by bonedome » 2020/05/24 09:33:11

I have fedora 31 on virtualbox without guest additions, I just up the resolution in fedora (using lxrandr), it's not fullscreen but fine for me.

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