having i686 rpm's with x86_64

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having i686 rpm's with x86_64

Post by ron7000 » 2019/10/28 14:48:48

what is the difference between i686 and x86_64?

is it bad to have a bunch of each installed?

On the computer(s) I have CentOS installed, they are Intel Xeon cpu's, I thought that everything should be x86_64?

I ask because
  • for the most part, 100% of the rpm's listed from rpm -qa show up as x86_64.
  • i am working with some 3rd party software, when I do a yum install /root/thirdparty.rpm it flags some i686 these as dependencies

    Code: Select all

    Installing for dependencies:
     glibc                                                     i686                      2.17-292.el7                          base                                                                              4.3 M
     libX11                                                    i686                      1.6.7-2.el7                           base                                                                              611 k
     libXau                                                    i686                      1.0.8-2.1.el7                         base                                                                               29 k
     libXext                                                   i686                      1.3.3-3.el7                           base                                                                               39 k
     libxcb                                                    i686                      1.13-1.el7                            base                                                                              230 k
     nss-softokn-freebl                                        i686                      3.44.0-5.el7                          base                                                                              214 k
  • in the past when I went crazy learning centos, with epel, rpmfusion, nux-dextop repositories and installing anything of interest, I had installed something that also installed i686 stuff and then if memory servers it was related to nss where it broke yum when trying to do a yum update. And my fix there was to backtrack and uninstall the offending nss_i686 guy.
  • So I came to the conclusion that 98% of rpm's were x86_64 and after a few i686 ones were installed problems arose, so don't mix and match?

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Re: having i686 rpm's with x86_64

Post by aks » 2019/10/28 14:58:17

is it bad to have a bunch of each installed?

Maybe. The issue is that a 32 bit application will need to call 32 bit libraries and a 64 bit application will want the 64 bit libraries. Problem scan occur when the linker's path points to the wrong one - so say a 32 bit game calling out to 64 bit libc.

I think RH and by inheritance, CentOS, really wants to get rid of 32 bit support.

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Re: having i686 rpm's with x86_64

Post by tunk » 2019/10/28 14:59:03

i686 = 32 bit
x86_64 = 64 bit
I guess that the software (at least partly) is
32 bit which requires the listed dependencies.

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Re: having i686 rpm's with x86_64

Post by TrevorH » 2019/10/28 16:17:28

Unless you run 32 bit apps then you do not need any 32 bit packages installed. If you do run 32 bit apps then you do.
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