firefox error on specific website after 7.7 upgrade

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firefox error on specific website after 7.7 upgrade

Post by Clovis_Sangrail » 2019/09/19 20:36:54

After updating by Centos Workstation to 7.7 via "yum update", I find that I cannot log into a particular website ( any more. When I enter my email address at the usual prompt and click [next], I get the error:

"The CSRF session token is missing."

The site presents a valid certificate, and best as I can tell I have not set any restrictions in firefox that prevents this website from writing cookies or other data. I've erased any saved data from the site, and deleted it's saved login credentials. I can log into the site with firefox and chrome on Windows 10, and was able to on my workstation under Centos 7.6 yesterday.

Firefox uses the following libraries:

They are contained in the packages:


The "yum" utility doesn't seem to like the idea of rolling back any of these RPM files. I did roll back the firefox package, but got the same behavior.

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