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Post by ron7000 » 2019/05/02 18:47:49

so it says "sourced from /etc/profile, any required envvar overrides to this file"

I hate rm -i and cp -i
In /etc/profile.d/colorls.sh at the bottom is where that is aliased, I sometimes comment them out in that file.
However if I do "unalias rm 2>dev/null" in /etc/profile.d/local.sh that does not work
If I put that unalias in /etc/profile.d/anythingelse.sh then it works.
I've been not using "sh.local"
When I started playing with centos7.6 I coincidentally created a new "local.sh"
having an empty "sh.local" there bothers me when having a "local.sh" :?
For BASH, anything .sh under /etc/profile.d/ gets sourced correct?

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Re: /etc/profile.d/sh.local

Post by jscarville » 2019/05/02 22:58:54

ron7000 wrote:
2019/05/02 18:47:49
For BASH, anything .sh under /etc/profile.d/ gets sourced correct?
Yes, in alphabetical order but with sh.local getting sourced last.

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