Suggested KVM switches for CentOS 7

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Suggested KVM switches for CentOS 7

Post by phil.e » 2018/12/06 18:53:03


This might be more of a vendor specific thing but I'm hoping to tap into the base of user experience here to possibly get some good feedback.

We have users that use an IOGEAR KVM to switch back and forth between their Windows 7 workstation and their CentOS 7 workstation. The Windows machines are dual head, and the CentOS machines are 3 head using an NVIDIA 510 video card. The KVM has a capacity for 2 monitors - the 3rd monitor on the CentOS workstation is using a direct connection from the NVIDIA video port to the monitor - i.e. it doesn't go through the KVM.

The common issue many are running in to is that sometimes one of the workstations will have a monitor go out - the workstation stops sending a video signal to the monitor. Sometimes that monitor comes back after a reboot; sometimes it comes back if you skip the KVM and make a direct connection between the monitor and the video port on the PC, and then switch the cabling back again to use the KVM.

There are no issues if you bypass the KVM altogether and directly connect the monitors to the video ports.

The KVM is an IOGEAR model GCS1642. Just wondering if anybody has had good luck with some other brand of KVM besides IOGEAR. Or if anyone has come across a similar issue in the past how they dealt with it?



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Re: Suggested KVM switches for CentOS 7

Post by DrLove73 » 2018/12/08 07:59:55

I use D-Link 4-port USB DKVM-4U switch without any issues.

In general, KVM switches use PS2/USB keyboard/mouse connectors to power them selves, and also (maybe, YMMW) to detect is that connection is active, if to switch to it or not.

There should be no issue connecting monitor directly, unless KVM switch tries to detect if there is electricity in VGA cable, which I doubt.

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