access to web server possible through firewall

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access to web server possible through firewall

Post by wiziwiz » 2017/02/13 08:09:39

Currently the server I am trying to browse files requires me to login as root to the firewall then apparently then i can jump to the webserver?

how do i do this is it a command? herte is the instruction from my web host of how to access but I am a newbie so it's not making sense

Any request to the web server goes through the firewall.

The IP is actually on the firewall (not the web server).

The firewall has rules in place to forward certain traffic to the web node.

Internet --> (Ip address) (Firewall) --> NAT --> (web server)

At the moment port 22 (SSH) isn't being forwarded to the web server (or at least that appears to be the case), but port 80 and 443 are forwarded correctly.

so how do Hop from my firewall login to view the webserver?

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