Learning Centos 7

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Learning Centos 7

Post by frenchsquared » 2016/12/15 15:32:20

I am looking for a book to get me started with Centos 7.
Currently, I am leaning towards: Mastering CentOS 7 Linux Server by Mohamed Alibi

I need to get the basics down before I can ask logical questions in a forum.
I have installed fedora and made it work. But I suck with command line and need to just get comfortable using it.
I am a senior PHP developer so I have been around Centos for many years. I just normally have a sys admin to do what I need.
Im looking to get efficient and maintaining web servers. Basic LAMP stacks.

Thanks for reading... let me know if you think there is a better book.

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Re: Learning Centos 7

Post by linuxnewb » 2016/12/16 14:49:45

You could do the Linux Foundation's Introduction to Linux free on Ed-X.

Michael Hartl, author of the famous "Ruby on Rails Tutorial" book has another book called "Learn Enough Command-Line to Be Dangerous"

You might find some units from various full stack web development courses on Coursera useful too. You can audit all the course material free, or pay to do the assessments and certificates etc.

The only actual book I have on Linux is 'Linux Redhat 6 Unleashed' which I purchased in 1999, and I'd imagine it's quite dated now. :)

You've just missed the "Cyber Monday" deals at Linux Foundation that were 65-70% off their LFCS and certified LFCE courses. They might still be worth a look though, and they run those offers every year, so...


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Re: Learning Centos 7

Post by AntonioV » 2016/12/18 10:50:23

If you're beginning with CentOS you could take a look at the book Learn CentOS Linux Network Services (http://www.apress.com/gp/book/9781484223789# ). It shows the basic commands to install and administer a server, as well as how to set up many network services like DNS, Web, FTP, etc... It covers both versions 6 and 7.

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Re: Learning Centos 7

Post by mghe » 2016/12/18 11:09:30

Good tip: more books and documentation, less website tutorials.

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Re: Learning Centos 7

Post by AdultFoundry » 2016/12/18 12:38:18

Get the newest edition of the "Linux bible" by C. Negus as this is the best book. I was also learning Linux more than a year ago, and I read more than 10 books. I would pick this one as my recommendation. If I need anything I come back to this one first, and I don't have to look further for anything too.

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Re: Learning Centos 7

Post by TravisBanger » 2016/12/19 14:46:57

frenchsquared wrote: I suck with command line and need to just get comfortable using it.
You will need to decide what shell to use and learn well. They come in 2 flavors, from BSD (csh and variants) and from AT&T (sh, bash). I personally prefer the tcsh for regular typing and bash for scripts.

Tip: Practice 'yum' first. It is essential.

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