God bless you, CentOS folk!

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God bless you, CentOS folk!

Post by holden » 2016/06/09 08:32:50

First time running CentOS for a longer period. First time i don't have ANY issues running linux as a home/work laptop system. I've had quirks and glitches even on Debian, but none on CentOS. Love GNOME, so that's a plus also. I'm actually amazed more people don't use it, it's a rock.

Kind regards and keep up the good work.

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Re: God bless you, CentOS folk!

Post by Zaafar » 2016/06/13 14:10:50

I started using Centos couple months ago, this is how i found this community. Centos is a perfect solution for my needs in the office. Never had any issues! So my big thanks as well ;)
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Re: God bless you, CentOS folk!

Post by davis1508 » 2016/08/19 07:34:38

I started to use it few months ago with the office PC. Centos is not the only operating system derived from Linux, but the best one. It operates fast and stable. I do not worry about the possibility of system craches. And the price is not so high. I bless developers for theirs work :)

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Re: God bless you, CentOS folk!

Post by giulix63 » 2016/10/20 14:47:28

davis1508 wrote:And the price is not so high
After much thought, I decided this was ironic :? So, yeah! A real steal, right? That's the reason some of us are here, I guess... to try and give a little back. It just seems the right thing to do...

P.S. Gravedigging, as I'm bored :lol:
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