hwclock hang

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hwclock hang

Post by brcisna » 2012/01/12 01:05:04

Hello All,

Centos 6.2 2.6.32-220.2.1.i686.el6 32-bit
(LiveDVD install.)
Toshiba Satelitte L455D

On reboot or shutdown,this laptop hangs at "Synching hardware clock with system time". It will never go past this point.
Have to do a hard power off.
I checked and set the BIOS time/date to correct time to see if this may help.Didnt help.
When I do an hwclock -r nothing is ever shown.
If I do an hwclock --debug there is never any output.
I tried entering acpi=off appended to the kernel and this didnt make any difference.
Anyone have any ideas to try?

Thank You,

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hwclock hang

Post by pschaff » 2012/01/14 14:25:38

How are you doing that testing if it won't boot? From the LiveDVD?

I'd try an install from normal installation media. Seems you have nothing to lose.

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