MIO-2261 - installation

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MIO-2261 - installation

Post by pepa.chmel » 2015/03/18 13:57:19

I am not linux guy. I am trying to istall centos 7 (With Gnome) on MIO-2261. I used netinstall, every thing works well until Licence Confirmation and click on "Finish configuration" button.
After that Centos goes to text screen with fast up rolling text. So i did not see whats going on. Only bottom part show :
[......] drm_kms_helper: panic occurred, switching back to text console
and continues some debug output...

When I restart computer it continues asking Licence confirmation - so I am in loop.

I do not know how to get what is the problem. Is any log there? How can I open it or go to some console...
Can anybody help me?


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