Lack of open/closed source application support for CentOS

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Lack of open/closed source application support for CentOS

Post by kvashishta » 2015/03/16 12:34:47


I greet the patrons of the "social" forum on the CentOS forums. I wish them comfort and peace.

There seems to be a lack of support in terms of code and support for CentOS. Two application programs("application" from an os standpoint) come at once to the mind. pbis-open(Likewise) and Veritas Cluster Server.

pbis-open does not seem to have good/reasonable/"normally expected" support for CentOS. I tried two times, once with a non gmail email address to subscribe to their forum, but was not able to do so. While likewise/pbis-open newest release is not a bad application, I am tending to lean towards SSSD for AD authentication.

VCS(Veritas Cluster Server) is not available to the best of my knowledge for CentOS. It is available for RHEL and hence again does not make any sense why Veritas would not make available a CentOS version. While VCS remains nothing but one of the tried and true clustering solutions, Veritas' approach to deny support for CentOS will not unlikely push folks towards native CentOS clustering. This native CentOS clustering may well be coming of age. I have not yet played with it's newest release.

Thanks to whoever came up with the idea for this forum and also certainly to those who make all these forum happen.


Kartik Vashishta

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