RocketRAID supported on Centos 7

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RocketRAID supported on Centos 7

Post by davidovad » 2014/12/29 02:33:57

I have a RocketRAID rr644 which I have not had any luck getting the open source driver to work with Centos 7. I have data that I'd like to salvage and am wondering what model RocketRAID card has worked on Centos 7 in anyones experience.

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Re: RocketRAID supported on Centos 7

Post by jkouyoumjian » 2015/02/04 19:57:41

I was able to get a RocketRAID 642L card with an enclosure from TowerRaid (TR8M6G) to work with CentOS 7, using a driver supplied by High Point Technology (the OEM of the RocketRAID card). If I boot to CentOS 7 and install the driver per High Point's instructions, I can access an array. The driver you need from High Point is rr64xl-linux-src-v1.3.7 (I'm running 64 bit). It works with the 3.10 kernel.

What I need now is some way to build a Driver Update Package that can be used with Anaconda (the installer) to install an OS on the array. I've asked High Point if they have one.

I'll post their answer here.

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Re: RocketRAID supported on Centos 7

Post by toracat » 2015/02/04 22:25:43

If you can obtain the driver disk from the manufacturer, that would be the best. Failing that, you could file a request with ELRepo here.
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