Network stops at logout - solved

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Network stops at logout - solved

Post by noll1 » 2014/10/29 10:11:29

Hi, I am trying to install a test server with CentOS7 to evaluate it.
I ran into a very unexpected problem with the network getting turned off at logout, but while creating this post I found the answer myself.
Figured I would share it anyway if someone else gets bitten.

Short answer:
in nmtui - 'Available to all users' is always set to no which turns off the network at logout.
Also NetworkManager-config-server is recommended on servers and nm-connection-editor (graphical though) works
yum install NetworkManager-config-server nm-connection-editor

Longer answer and error:
It's a virtual machine, host is CentOS6.
768MB memory
Only two network services,

When I reboot the server it starts up, activates the network and starts the services. Everything is working fine, I can ping the machine and I can ask questions to the dns-server, also ssh answers.
When I login to the server via ssh, everything keeps working until I logout.
The very second I logout all network activity is shutoff and the server is unresponsive.
To enable the server again I have to login to the console, when I do the network starts again but only until I logout.

The problem was that I installed the machine in a staging network with DHCP enabled, and also with minimal packages at install.
named was installed via yum after the initial install.
Using nmtui I changed the network settings to the correct network and moved the server (changed the virtual network).
The option 'Available to all users' in nmtui does not work and always sets it to no, making the connection available to root only.
The solution is to download the graphical tool nm-connection-editor and enable the setting there, or change the config file directly (/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-<networkname>).

Since I installed with minimal packages there is a package that makes NetworkManager handle network connections in a more server like way, this was not installed 'NetworkManager-config-server'.

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Re: Network stops at logout - solved

Post by laotumsn » 2014/11/12 13:47:38

hi,I use centos7, but I can not find option "'Available to all users" in nmtui , could you post your ifcfg- config file?


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Re: Network stops at logout - solved

Post by gerald_clark » 2014/11/12 13:52:16

This is covered in the FAQ:

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