Any GUI package manager in C6 ?

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Any GUI package manager in C6 ?

Post by bluegroper » 2011/11/17 11:57:27

Hi forum Does CentOS-6 have any gui package manager like this one from C5 ?
Sure I can use the cli, but for a fresh install the gui choices are a useful checklist to work thru.
TIA's for tips and clues.

PS. I'm using KDE rather than gnome.

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Re: Any GUI package manager in C6 ?

Post by hawaiian717 » 2011/11/17 21:33:32

There is gpk-application which is the GNOME Package Manager. Not sure if it gets installed if you are running KDE though.

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Re: Any GUI package manager in C6 ?

Post by pschaff » 2011/11/18 18:27:39

KDE puts gpk-application on the menu under "Applications / Administration / Add/Remove Software". What got installed depends on what option you picked. If not present[code]yum install gnome-packagekit[/code]or[code]yum groupinstall "Graphical Administration Tools"[/code]

There's also "yumex" from EPEL but I can't say I'd recommend either. I've tried them along with various other GUI interfaces for package management, but always end up back on the command line with yum and friends.

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Re: Any GUI package manager in C6 ?

Post by biztux » 2014/06/13 10:17:58

This worked for me (logged in as root):
# yum install gnome-packagekit gnome-packagekit-extra

After installation of gnome-packagekit and gnome-packagekit-extra finishes:
# cd /usr/share/applications/

Edit the gpk-application.desktop file using vi, nano or some other text editor and comment out the NotShowIn line as shown below:


Logout, then login again and click Menu Button, Administration, Add/Remove Software.

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Re: Any GUI package manager in C6 ?

Post by stanasa » 2014/10/09 15:02:53


Thanks so much for your reply! It worked for both CentoOS 7 and RHEL 6.5. I wonder why they would put a random line to hide it in KDE?

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