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Newbie here

Post by pattim » 2014/08/24 17:00:59

So, I've been using Linux/KDE for more than a decade and once upon a time tried CentOS but couldn't get it to install... I'm installing CentOS 7 on a thumb drive right now and it seems to have really gotten easier to use. I also noticed that it is very good with hardware, including video cards and displays. What I'm looking for is good support of big NUMA machines, like Opteron 64-core serverboards for HPC. I'm wondering if CentOS is the distribution to do this? Maybe Debian would be better? Scientific Linux seems a bit dated... This might sound wierd, but I *am* still sort of a linux newbie - I still rely mostly on the KDE GUI to get things accomplished. I really like OpenSuSE's YaST tool for handling system things and repos, and the organization of their KDE software menu into sub-groups. But for some reason, Opensuse 12.3 was unstable on my Opteron 64-core server.

So this brings up the questions about system and kernel "tweaks" for various distros. Is there some very experienced Linux person who could say a few words about that and how it would impact NUMA and the options of some modern CPU's (like Opterons)? In particular, motherboard manufacturers for big Opteron iron (like supermicro) usually limit their support to, maybe, 3 versions of Linux, and usually older ones (like Ubuntu 12.x, SLES 11.x, Centos 6.x)

Thank you very much for your time!! :)

[edit/avij: I didn't see a CentOS-specific question in this post, so I moved this topic to CentOS Social]

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