lustre fs support in centos 7

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lustre fs support in centos 7

Post by nadavs » 2014/08/14 14:03:29


I wish to port my existing open suse platform to latest centos 7 but i cannot find info regarding running lustre fs server on centos 7. Dose centos 7 include the lustre kernel patches required for running a lustre server. There was a lustre kernel patch for centos 6.4 but i can't find info regarding support matrix for centos 7.


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Re: lustre fs support in centos 7

Post by toracat » 2014/08/14 17:01:07

I had a quick look at the lustre site. As you found out, CentOS 7 is not (yet) supported, it seems. The latest release in the support matrix is CentOS 6.5.
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Re: lustre fs support in centos 7

Post by tateajit » 2016/02/06 10:48:16

Hi toracat and nadavs,

As per below link, Lustre is now available for centos 7. ... ort+Matrix

Have you guys tried lustre on centos 7?

If yes then can you please let us know the steps.

I googled several sites, but didn't found any solution.

Thanks in advance.

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