Using CentOS - Need help on Justification

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Using CentOS - Need help on Justification

Post by cdcproject » 2014/07/11 05:17:41

Dear Experts,

We are planning to use CentOS in our environment as Open source initiative. To conveyance management we need to some help from you all.

a) Do any one have CentOS market share / usage statistics ( graph / trend)

b) How / How fast security threat / vulnerability is fixed in CentOS

c) Few vendors ( like CA-Siteminder product) says their product is not compatible with CentOS 6.5 but its working on RHEL 6.5. Is it really true.

Thanks in Advance


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Re: Using CentOS - Need help on Justification

Post by vonskippy » 2014/07/11 05:40:36

What could anyone here say that would convince YOUR management, about YOUR choices, for YOUR project?

Either you have a clear business model which includes CentOS or you don't - nothing said here can change that.

If your management is going to micro manage YOUR project choices, it's doomed before it gets started.
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Re: Using CentOS - Need help on Justification

Post by jameslast » 2014/07/11 08:17:15

Hello Chandra,

a) you can find some statistics at and, but as the previous replier said;
each company of project is different. So don't be guided by statistics alone, it's better to make your own assessment.

b) Centos aims to deliver all updates within 24 to 48hrs of upstream releases. But we see bugfixes usually way faster than within 24hrs.

c) I realy wouldn't know about Centos and other vendors.

d) I'm certainly not an expert.

Greetings, J.

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Re: Using CentOS - Need help on Justification

Post by nbritton » 2014/07/11 19:31:13

CentOS 7 is simply a literal repackaging of RHEL 7. Therefore, you should actually focus on justifying why your company should forgo support by Red Hat. To be frank, if you don't know the answers to the original question then I would argue that you don't know enough about enterprise linux to go without Red Hat's support. What is the reason your company doesn't want to go with Red Hat? Red Hat offers various levels of paid support:

One year of self-support is $349, standard support is $799, or one year of premium support is $1299. That's not so bad once you figure in the cost of your company's labor. Red Hat support is actually top notch and worth the cost.

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