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Re: newbie questions

Post by shankar » 2006/08/14 20:50:17


foxb wrote:
Also there is a tool Applications-->System Settings-->Display to change hardware settings, if your monitor is not there choose one similar.[/quote]

Thanks for the tip, I chose samsung 793S and it worked.

Btw: I got into a real jam. I clicked Applications-->System Settings -->Language and changed it to my "mother tongue" tamil. I was completely lost. It was completely translated into tamil and I couldn't understand a word. I mean I can read the words but they didn't have any meaning to me. I speak tamil at home and at office but this sent me into a spin. I didn't even know the menu words that meant "Applications-->System Settings -->Language" so I could revert back to english. Somehow through hit or miss I managed to grope back into the light of the english language. I guess my "mother tongue" is english now since I seem to know english much more than tamil. Let us get rid of all other languages other than english or reserve them for poetry.

From now on I am going to stick to the language english ( and c/ c++ / basic ... :) ).

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Re: newbie questions

Post by foxb » 2006/08/14 20:56:03

Just log off and on login screen choose language, then you can choose english and change later the system wide language.

Or you can follow the icons system settings has screwdriver and languages has flags.....

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