Cannot allocate resource region 3 - error

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Cannot allocate resource region 3 - error

Post by randysparks » 2005/04/05 20:26:26

I've downloaded a DVD of Centos 4 x86_64 and installation went fine. I chose the default workstation install.

When booting, I get past Grub, and then get the following two error messages:

Cannot allocate resource region 3: 0000.05.00.0


Powernow-K8: BIOS error - no PSB

Error no2 is quite common and harmless, I believe.

Error number one appears to be fatal because although Udev kicks off, when Centos tries to go into its frame buffer mode (or whatever it does) to carry on booting (ie before loading GNOME), everything on screen is corrupted and the mouse cursor is frozen. The HD light flashes for a while so something's going on but eventually everything just stops and the PC needs to be reset. I can't switch to another virtual console.

My BIOS is updated to its latest version. This is the first version Linux I've installed on this system, although Win2K works fine.

System details:

AMD 64 4000+
DFI Lan Party Nforce 4 Ultra motherboard
GeForce 6600 graphics (can't remember vendor)
1Gb dual-channel RAM

Any help appreciated.

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Re: Cannot allocate resource region 3 - error

Post by randysparks » 2005/04/06 09:10:47

Not the busiest forum in the world, this one...

What I've described may well be a fundamental problem with Nforce 4 chipsets, 6600 cards and 64-bit Linux.

I found the following link which offers advice:

There's a patch for the kernel but I guess that Centos doesn't use the stock kernel, just like RH doesn't.

I guess we'll have to wait until CentOS 4.1, or use the 32-bit version.

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Cannot allocate resource region 3 - error

Post by z00dax » 2005/04/17 12:21:39

Can you file this as a bug on htp://

Thats the only way someone is going to be able to track this issue.

And, I am running CentOS4 on a MSI Neo4 Mobo with no issues, but it dosent run X or SATA, I have a s/w Raid that uses Promise H/w for the extra IDE Interface's - and it runs headless.

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