Stupid Apache digest auth problem...

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Stupid Apache digest auth problem...

Post by dbhost » 2008/09/05 15:16:55

Simply put, two identical boxes, side by side on my LAN, one running CentOS 4.6, the other Mandriva 2007 PowerPack. So for our example I will call the CentOS box COS, and Mandriva MDV for shortness...

Both are running Apache.
Document root is /var/www/html
There is a subdirectory tree I want to protect with a root of /var/www/html/davestuff, so for each server we might have a tree that looks like...


So I set up digest auth on BOTH boxes following the directions from the docs.

On MDV I get a dialog box, when I try to enter /var/www/html/davestuff or any of it's files, or subdirectories.

On COS, I get a dialog box when I try to enter /var/www/html/davestuff, but any attempt to access any files other than index.php or an attempt to access a subdirectory results in a permission denied error.

/var/log/httpd/error_log shows the user dave is an unknown user, even though he is setup in the defined passwd file set up via htpasswd...

Can anyone point me in the right direction of why this works on Mandriva but not COS for me? BTW, I am NOT blaming COS on this, my brain is simply malfunctioning....

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