PHP 5 in CentOS 4

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Re: PHP 5 in CentOS 4

Post by azca » 2006/10/20 16:35:40

I used the method described in this link:

And it worked well for me.

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Re: PHP 5 in CentOS 4

Post by firebus » 2009/09/08 21:51:16

jasonxoxide wrote:
I forgot to mention that there are a couple packages that no longer exist in 5.x (don't recall exactly which ones). If you happen to have one of those installed (and you get dep errors), remove it and then try the update again.[/quote]

i had this problem with php-pear as the dependency

however, when i tried to remove php-pear, it wanted to remove php along with it, also for dependencies.

it looks like the version numbering changed between php4 (php-pear shares a version number with php) and php5 (php-pear has it's own, lower, version number)

i solved this with yum --enablerepo=centosplus install php-pear

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