Virtual Machine and Wireless

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Virtual Machine and Wireless

Post by naissa » 2007/03/06 17:12:03

I downloaded the Microsoft VirtualPC and the Centos Server CD i386 4.4.

When I was doneinstalling centos on the virtual pc, I tried to ping in the central command line for the virtual machine, but I couldn't.

It seems that my wireless internet connection prevents me from using centos commands like yum update.

How can I fix this???

I'm on Windows XP Home.

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Virtual Machine and Wireless

Post by arrfab » 2007/03/06 19:46:18

You have to configure your M$ stuff correctly so that it emulates a network card for your guest OS ...
Did the centos installer detect a nic during setup ?
Sorry, can't help a lot on virtual server since i only had to work once on it and that was enough to make me return very quickly on vmware ....

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