Multiple VNC servers?

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Multiple VNC servers?

Post by marsom » 2007/10/02 22:20:40

Running CentOS 4.5, usually with VNC for remote access via my LAN. The file /etc/sysconfig/vncservers has a line with


This lets me log in to IP:1 as that account and brings up Gnome. However, security is not an issue (I live alone and the computer is only accessible via the LAN, not externally) so I want to also be able to log in as root via VNC.

I tried changing the line to: VNCSERVERS="1:accountname 2:root"

which lets me log in as either IP:1 (with Gnome and my user account) or IP:2 but the latter only brings up a small terminal in X, no Gnome. It also does not ask for my root password.

How can I have the choice of logging in remotely as either my user account or root, have Gnome come up in either one, and what about the root password? There are a lot of system things I can't do unless I'm root, and it's much easier to use a GUI than a terminal shell (which is what I've been doing until now). The computer is located in a place that's inconvenient for physical access, so I don't want to have to crawl under the stairs and squat down to use the console to do system stuff!


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