Installing Java 1.6 SDK NOT JRE

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Installing Java 1.6 SDK NOT JRE

Post by ipomp » 2011/03/01 02:33:59

## CentOS 5.2 ##

I am trying to get a Java 1.6 JDK installed on my CentOS server. I followed the official CentOS instructions found [url=]here[/url] using the Sun 1.6 JDK install, and as indicated on those instructions, after using alternatives to activate my new Java install I am faced with choosing a 1.6 JRE installation. The problem is, I need the JDK (with the jar, javac, etc. developer tools). Is there another way to do this?

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Installing Java 1.6 SDK NOT JRE

Post by milosb » 2011/03/01 16:30:43

CentOS Java Wiki page is outdated and currently not maintained. An initiative to remedy this is currently in progress. However, until this changes, you may want to take a look at [url=]this draft manual for installing Sun JDK[/url], published on my CentOS Wiki page, and see if it helps resolve your issue.


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Re: Installing Java 1.6 SDK NOT JRE

Post by Deepak » 2011/05/17 10:32:29

By googling itself you will get it.. as the first link..

Please try this [url=]Java in oracle Web Site[/url]

All the links given there are free downloadable JDKs , which you need..

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