Multisite server bypassing Plesk Panel on Apache

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Multisite server bypassing Plesk Panel on Apache

Post by Neutrino » 2011/08/08 19:20:51


I currently have a dedicated server setup with CentOs 5.5, and apache webserver. Controlled via Plesk control panel. I currently have one domain on the server. Plesk only has one domain licence and i have been trying to add a second domain manually. But it has proved difficult/confusing due to how plesk configured the server initially, and its ongoing alterations to the apache files.

So, im looking for advice on what files to amend. I know i need to add virtualhost containers, in the httpd.conf file. But some of them are automatically overwritten by Plesk (httpd.include i beleive). Plesk also puts in httpd conf files in the individual domain directorys. For instance my current structure is:

/var/www/vhosts/main-domain/, and i want to add a second domain /var/www/vhosts/second-site/. I have tried editing some files but it does not work. I have all of the DNS records set up, and typing in the second domain address shows me my main site, and not the new site. In the plesk installed main domain folder there is a "conf" folder, with individual httpd.conf files, do i need to do this in the new domain, and reference this somewhere in a configuration file for apache to check and look at.

Also is there anything else i am missing that needs adjusting to make this work.

Thanks for your help! Pleaseask any questions needed. Thanks again.

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Multisite server bypassing Plesk Panel on Apache

Post by pschaff » 2011/08/11 11:39:54

Welcome to the CentOS fora. Please see the recommended reading for new users linked in my signature.

Plesk makes so many changes to the distro that we can't really answer how to bypass it here. Please see

[url=]When CentOS Is Not CentOS[/url]

and possibly

[url=]Broken Virtual Server[/url]

About all I can suggest is to back up the site and start with a fresh CentOS 5.6 (soon 5.7) install, then load the site files back and proceed from there; or to upgrade your Plesk license and use their support if you want to stick with that approach.

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