Dell OpenManage Server Administrator installation

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Dell OpenManage Server Administrator installation

Post by hwsmith » 2008/02/27 20:59:01

I needed to install OpenManage server administrator on a few Dell PowerEdge 1950s. I followed the instructions at: and I kept getting the error: "Failed to download RPM:"
in response to the command wget -q -O - | bash

I realized the file path in the bootstrap.cgi file, provided on the Dell site, is incorrect. There is no "prereq" folder. To get it to work I:

1) downloaded the bootstrap.cgi file and replaced "prereq" with "dell-hw-indep-repository/1-14"
2) placed the bootstrap cgi on a local webserver
3) run the command - wget -q -O - http:///bootstrap.cgi | bash

This installed the repository. Run the command "yum install srvadmin-all" and everything worked perfectly.

Just thought I'd share this. Will send an email to Dell so this may be unnecessary if they correct the problem.

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