'error running transaction' when attempting to install (or upgrade) to CentOS5 from 4.4

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'error running transaction' when attempting to install (or u

Post by wjtriffo » 2007/10/04 03:56:04

I am experiencing the following error when I try to install CentOS5. I get the error both in attempting an 'upgrade' from 4.4, or doing a fresh install. the error:

"There was an error running your transaction, for the following reason(s):"

but, no error is given. the only option available at that point is to click the 'reboot' button on the error message window.

I found reference to this error in a bug report:


However, I did not see anything useful in the virtual console output (CNTL-ALT-[F2-F6]), as suggested by that bug report.

On the target drive (300GB), I have 2 partitions - a '/boot' (256MB) and a '/' (remaining space). I chose to not format these partitions, as my drive has quite a bit of data on it.

The drive was originally very full - only had 4.5GB left - so, I moved some files around the network. I still experienced the error message with 12GB free, so I then freed up 30GB (10% of partition).

Any idea if an install should require >30GB? The only other reference I found to this error (link above) implied this was the source of the error; that user's post seems to state my experience verbatim.

I did choose to install some of the development packages (not for KDE or GNOME), but not much more than what the default install suggested.

any help would be greatly appreciated - I spent most of today trying to do this upgrade, mainly as (what I thought would be) the easiest route to getting a kernel >= 2.6.18 (my current kernel has issues with a Seagate FreeAgent external drive spinning down, which I bought for local backup, and I found posts implying that kernels higher than 2.6.18 support a 'wake' flag that alleviates this problem).

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