Greetings! & How do you pronounce CentOS?

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Greetings! & How do you pronounce CentOS?

Post by jive_turkey » 2009/05/13 08:02:23

I'm excited to be here, I'm pretty new to linux. My first encounter with linux was in 2003 when I spent a week downloading debian via a script called jigdo only to find I needed a PhD in computer science to get it to work on my computer at the time. A few months later I had the same success with fedora and slackware. In 2004 I got SUSE working but it wasn't right for me at the time. In 2006 I discovered ubuntu and I have been using it ever since. In 2007, I tried once again to make friends with fedora but she thumbed her nose at my video card. I've also had more fun with BackTrack than I should ever disclose. Red Hat is just down the road (well, an hour down the road in low traffic) and I've always been curious about them. I recently commited myself to learning a more enterprise-ready OS and here I am.

What brought me to CentOS was its reputation for being one of the more secure distros, and its relationship to RH. I plan to use it headless, to expiriment with LAMP and LAPP based web-apps. I did put gnome on for my first go since its all new.

Personally, I sit on the board of a budding non-profit that will eventually need some light IT resources, and so far I think CentOS would be the way to go. I also plan to sit for the CPA Exam in 2010, and gosh do I dislike Intuit software.

So... How do you pronounce CentOS?
like 'mentos,' ie:the freshmaker?
like Cent Oh Es?

Or is there a wrong way...?

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Greetings! & How do you pronounce CentOS?

Post by toracat » 2009/05/13 12:31:37

jive_turkey wrote:

So... How do you pronounce CentOS?[/quote]
The answer is here:

Welcome to C-e-n-t-O-S :-)

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Re: Greetings! & How do you pronounce CentOS?

Post by JakeS » 2009/05/16 07:34:45

My preference:


So how you'd say "toss" is at the end and then, Cent, like a cent as in money. So it's Cent Toss

But that's just me probably.

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Re: Greetings! & How do you pronounce CentOS?

Post by bigbearomaha » 2009/06/01 21:26:58

I have heard it called "Kent oh Ess" reason given was:

Leading 'C' stands for 'Community' which has the hard 'kay' sound and Oh-Ess because they are individual letters representing 'Operating' and 'System'

Personally, I say it as Sent Oh Ess, because when I see the letters 'cent' I automatically hear 'sent' in my ear, as in, " that costs five cent."

Big Bear

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