New Laptop compatible with Centos 7.8

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New Laptop compatible with Centos 7.8

Post by javier1122 » 2020/10/30 20:01:28


I have read Centos WIKI tutorials for compatible laptops but all of them are very outdated (4-6 years old laptops).
I need a recommendation from the forum for a 100% compatible laptop of a well-known manufacturer like ASUS, Dell, Lenovo or Acer.
I ask for verion 7.8 as they are usually cheaper or mid-price, as centos8 notebooks are rare or extremely expensive.

Mainly that the wifi driver is stable and works, and touchpad/trackpad also works by default.

It is really extremely complicate to find a compatible laptop, as manufacturers are launching ubuntu on them nowadays.

Any help is appreciated.


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Re: New Laptop compatible with Centos 7.8

Post by macNCheeseB » 2021/02/24 16:11:36


This may be too old for you now, but thought I'd drop something as an FYI. I just bought a HP 14-ce3xxx with a 10th gen Intel. I shrunk the Windows install to do a dual boot into CentOS7 (v2009). Everything worked on it (touchpad, ethernet, etc) except the wifi card. But you can follow these steps here ( ... gnu-linux/) and it should work for you.

Be nice to hear if you got it going.


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