vsftpd problems.

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vsftpd problems.

Post by The.Ex-pat » 2020/12/16 06:22:30

I'll start by saying I'm an id01t.

This whole time I've been using

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FTP username@ip
when I should have been using

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vsftpd username@ip
I opened the Ubuntu shell on my windows 10 laptop and tried

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vsftpd username@ip
It's not working. I'm getting

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500 OOPS: cannot read config file: username@ip
I feel so stupid. This is most likely why I've been having problems while trying to connect from my ISP in Mexico.... I'm such a dunce.

Where should I start TrevorH?

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Re: vsftpd problems.

Post by TrevorH » 2020/12/16 08:19:39

vsftpd is the daemon that listens for connections and provides ftp services. It's not an ftp client.
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