Security Policy is not available during install

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Security Policy is not available during install

Post by topology » 2020/11/18 21:21:29

I asked the same question a year ago: viewtopic.php?t=72826
I did not know what to do with the SCAP website linked in the answer. I tried all kind of links to figure out how to get a url from SCAP site fetched (during Centos 8 install) without success.
I though I would figure thinks out over time, but here I am, just unable to get a copy-past operation to work, just not having anything to try out.

For now all what I need is something to past into that URL field, in order to see some security policies pop up. SCAP website does not have an example to try.
An image of the field during installation:

Interestingly enough someone has came to the same conclusion as I did: ... &context=3.

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