trouble with booting centOS 7

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trouble with booting centOS 7

Post by KarlaB » 2020/09/10 07:49:15

Having issues booting server HP ProLiant DL20 using Centos 7

It will not boot at all using Centos 7 media. But this media doesn't have problem at other servers.

No error messages are given, after reboot it just goes back to bios.

Do you know how i can solved this problem? Thanks

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Re: trouble with booting centOS 7

Post by TrevorH » 2020/09/10 10:36:38

Check your iLO for errors.

Also what media are you booting from and how did you create it. If using a USB stick then be aware that many Windows "copy this iso to USB" utilities are fundamentally broken and corrupt our iso images. See the link in my sig below for the USB creation wiki page.
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