How to check errors on boot?

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How to check errors on boot?

Post by Woistmeinauto » 2020/08/06 07:27:04

As i stated on my other topic i get emergency shell at boot.
Which commands do i need to run to see a full log and also which boot parameters?

I remove quiet and when i get to emergency shell i run
journalctl --catalog --boot
is there anything else i can do?

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Re: How to check errors on boot?

Post by Thraex » 2020/08/06 12:07:56

I usually check dmesg and logs in /var/log/, or run journalctl with various flags. Mostly I start with what changed before the system booted to emergency so I have a general idea of where to look though.

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Re: How to check errors on boot?

Post by TrevorH » 2020/08/06 12:13:22

If you're dropped to emergency mode, before you do anything else, use Shift-PgUp to scroll up the console output to see what the error(s) were that caused the problem. If you switch away from the console then you lose the ability to scroll back up the output.
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