Video goes blank / Install / Text mode

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Video goes blank / Install / Text mode

Post by gikam93493 » 2020/07/26 10:05:13


video goes blank, pressing power button resumes the installation. The Power LED blinks in slow mode, similar to when a laptop goes in sleep mode. This keeps repeating, cannot complete installation.

CentOS 7 - 2003 - i386 - Minimal Install ISO
Laptop - Inspirion 6000 - 32 Bit System
Video Card - ATI Radeon X300

Hardware issue ruled out, SME Server was running on this system before. After multiple tries when i could not install CentOS just to be sure I installed SME Server 9.2 again, the option i use is graphics mode with vesa drivers.

There is absolutely NO problem whatsoever.

I have tried these parameters in Boot menu, (individually and in combination)

text, nomodeset, modprobe.blacklist=radeon, inst.driver=xforcevesa

the problem continues.

What exactly do i do to tell the Kernel not to go for any video drivers and just use pure text mode, like what SME Server installation does. In SME server i never had to configure any option, i just chose vesa option from a list

I am definitely missing something, Please help me identify it

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Re: Video goes blank / Install / Text mode

Post by gikam93493 » 2020/07/28 04:51:28

So i found the reason, it is ACPI. I turned it off in Kernel Boot Options acpi=off and that stopped the Laptop from going into Sleep.

other ACPI options -
Discard pci ACPI information. May fix boot problems.

Do not use ACPI for PCI bus management. May fix boot problems.

I understand ACPI is in place for a reason but for now i have turned it off and double checked that the problem does not occur.

Older version like 6.3 install fine without turning ACPI off, why i chose 6.3, because i had its .iso file. In the recent versions i think 7 onwards some changes have happened related to ACPI.

SME Server 9.3 is based on CentOS 6.9 so i never encountered this issue when installing or using it

I found a very informative link for Linux Kernel Parameters (for me - especially video & ACPI ) ... tions.html

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