OpenLDAP on Centos

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OpenLDAP on Centos

Post by masipuzo » 2020/07/07 08:05:10

I am new to OpenLDAP and would like to know whether it is possible to install OpenLDAP in a different directory than "/etc"
The problem with /etc is that I can't install it in the original filesystem. This would require a very long explanation but I have to install it on /mnt.
So, I can't touch /usr or /var for this matter.
I don't even know if that is feasible.

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Re: OpenLDAP on Centos

Post by jlehtone » 2020/07/07 11:07:37

1. CentOS base repository does provide openldap RPM-packages. If you can't install them, then you probably can't install or update anything, which means that the system is unmaintainable.

2. What are you going to do with openldap? Server?
Red Hat has deprecated (their support for) openldap-server; RHEL 8 does not have one.
There are other LDAP server implementations. If you are new, then you should learn one of those instead.

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