CentOS thinks it needs a RedHat License

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CentOS thinks it needs a RedHat License

Post by Kemmler94 » 2020/06/23 15:36:50

Hello everyone,

I'm relativly new to RHEL and its derivatives. Since a few days I am using CentOS 8 on my homelab server.
However since today, if i try to update my system with dnf or try to install software with yum they tell me that I have no valid RedHat subscription.
So I get an error Message like:

Code: Select all

Updating Subscription Management repositories.
Unable to read consumer identity
This system is not registered to Red Hat Subscription Management. You can use subscription-manager to register.
So I cant install any updates or software anymore.
I haven't edited anything like dnf or yum config files or something like that.
Hopefully you guys can help me solve that problem, since I dont want to reinstall because i got my stuff up and running pretty good.
Please excuse my bad english and spelling since I'm from germany.

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Re: CentOS thinks it needs a RedHat License

Post by TrevorH » 2020/06/23 15:46:42

yum --disablerepo=\* remove subscription-manager

Check what it intends to remove before you reply Y!
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Re: CentOS thinks it needs a RedHat License

Post by Kemmler94 » 2020/06/23 16:14:46

Thanks for your Reply,

It wants to remove a lot

Code: Select all

 Package                                                       Architecture                  Version                                    Repository                         Size
 subscription-manager                                          x86_64                        1.26.17-1.el8_2                            @BaseOS                           4.2 M
Abhängige Pakete werden entfernt:
 initial-setup-gui                                             x86_64                                           @AppStream                         26 k
 subscription-manager-cockpit                                  noarch                        1.26.17-1.el8_2                            @BaseOS                           3.4 M
Nicht benötigte Abhängigkeiten werden entfernt:
 anaconda-core                                                 x86_64                                         @AppStream                         11 M
 anaconda-gui                                                  x86_64                                         @AppStream                        1.5 M
 anaconda-tui                                                  x86_64                                         @AppStream                        375 k
 anaconda-user-help                                            noarch                        1:8.2.3-1.el8                              @AppStream                        147 k
 anaconda-widgets                                              x86_64                                         @AppStream                         95 k
 blivet-data                                                   noarch                        1:3.1.0-20.el8                             @AppStream                        369 k
 daxctl-libs                                                   x86_64                        67-2.el8                                   @anaconda                          73 k
 dnf-plugin-subscription-manager                               x86_64                        1.26.17-1.el8_2                            @BaseOS                            86 k
 glade-libs                                                    x86_64                        3.22.1-1.el8                               @AppStream                        2.1 M
 initial-setup                                                 x86_64                                           @AppStream                        224 k
 keybinder3                                                    x86_64                        0.3.2-4.el8                                @AppStream                         24 k
 langtable                                                     noarch                        0.0.38-5.el8                               @AppStream                        121 k
 langtable-data                                                noarch                        0.0.38-5.el8                               @AppStream                        709 k
 libblockdev-dm                                                x86_64                        2.19-12.el8                                @AppStream                         20 k
 libblockdev-kbd                                               x86_64                        2.19-12.el8                                @AppStream                         36 k
 libblockdev-mpath                                             x86_64                        2.19-12.el8                                @AppStream                         20 k
 libblockdev-nvdimm                                            x86_64                        2.19-12.el8                                @AppStream                         24 k
 libreport                                                     x86_64                        2.9.5-10.el8                               @AppStream                        2.3 M
 libreport-anaconda                                            x86_64                        2.9.5-10.el8                               @AppStream                         17 k
 libreport-cli                                                 x86_64                        2.9.5-10.el8                               @AppStream                         34 k
 libreport-gtk                                                 x86_64                        2.9.5-10.el8                               @AppStream                        239 k
 libreport-plugin-reportuploader                               x86_64                        2.9.5-10.el8                               @AppStream                         88 k
 libreport-plugin-rhtsupport                                   x86_64                        2.9.5-10.el8                               @AppStream                        104 k
 libreport-web                                                 x86_64                        2.9.5-10.el8                               @AppStream                         48 k
 libtar                                                        x86_64                        1.2.20-15.el8                              @AppStream                         88 k
 libtimezonemap                                                x86_64                                            @AppStream                        6.7 M
 lz4                                                           x86_64                                            @anaconda                         174 k
 metacity                                                      x86_64                        3.28.0-1.el8                               @AppStream                        5.4 M
 ndctl                                                         x86_64                        67-2.el8                                   @anaconda                         305 k
 ndctl-libs                                                    x86_64                        67-2.el8                                   @anaconda                         184 k
 platform-python-coverage                                      x86_64                        4.5.1-7.el8                                @AppStream                        943 k
 python3-blivet                                                noarch                        1:3.1.0-20.el8                             @AppStream                        3.1 M
 python3-blockdev                                              x86_64                        2.19-12.el8                                @AppStream                         80 k
 python3-bytesize                                              x86_64                        1.4-3.el8                                  @AppStream                         21 k
 python3-ethtool                                               x86_64                        0.14-3.el8                                 @anaconda                          92 k
 python3-iniparse                                              noarch                        0.4-31.el8                                 @anaconda                         106 k
 python3-inotify                                               noarch                        0.9.6-13.el8                               @anaconda                         243 k
 python3-kickstart                                             noarch                        3.16.10-1.el8                              @AppStream                        1.9 M
 python3-langtable                                             noarch                        0.0.38-5.el8                               @AppStream                        126 k
 python3-libreport                                             x86_64                        2.9.5-10.el8                               @AppStream                        116 k
 python3-meh                                                   noarch                        0.47.2-1.el8                               @AppStream                        283 k
 python3-meh-gui                                               noarch                        0.47.2-1.el8                               @AppStream                         24 k
 python3-ntplib                                                noarch                        0.3.3-10.el8                               @AppStream                         28 k
 python3-ordered-set                                           noarch                        2.0.2-4.el8                                @AppStream                         15 k
 python3-pid                                                   noarch                        2.1.1-7.el8                                @AppStream                         33 k
 python3-productmd                                             noarch                        1.11-3.el8                                 @AppStream                        241 k
 python3-pwquality                                             x86_64                        1.4.0-9.el8                                @anaconda                          21 k
 python3-pydbus                                                noarch                        0.6.0-5.el8                                @AppStream                        122 k
 python3-pyparted                                              x86_64                        1:3.11.0-13.el8                            @AppStream                        368 k
 python3-pytz                                                  noarch                        2017.2-9.el8                               @AppStream                        175 k
 python3-requests-file                                         noarch                        1.4.3-5.el8                                @AppStream                        9.4 k
 python3-requests-ftp                                          noarch                        0.3.1-11.el8                               @AppStream                         37 k
 python3-simpleline                                            noarch                        1.1-2.el8                                  @AppStream                        430 k
 python3-subscription-manager-rhsm                             x86_64                        1.26.17-1.el8_2                            @BaseOS                           389 k
 satyr                                                         x86_64                        0.26-2.el8                                 @AppStream                        315 k
 subscription-manager-rhsm-certificates                        x86_64                        1.26.17-1.el8_2                            @BaseOS                             0  
 tigervnc-server-minimal                                       x86_64                        1.9.0-15.el8_1                             @AppStream                        4.0 M
 usermode                                                      x86_64                        1.113-1.el8                                @anaconda                         837 k
 xmlrpc-c                                                      x86_64                        1.51.0-5.el8                               @anaconda                         610 k
 xmlrpc-c-client                                               x86_64                        1.51.0-5.el8                               @anaconda                          54 k

Entfernen  63 Pakete
are there known issues with this way of removing ? Or why are you specifically telling me to Check what it wants to remove ?

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