SELinux and LAMP.

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SELinux and LAMP.

Post by hack3rcon » 2020/06/16 17:46:14

I want to install Apache, MySQL and PHP on CentOS 8, but I don't like to disable SELinux. I know that SELinux maybe cause some problems and I want to configure it to protect my system. Which SELinux configuration and commands I must run?
I'm thankful if anyone share the experiences.

Thank you.

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Re: SELinux and LAMP.

Post by lightman47 » 2020/06/16 19:44:27

You're following the wrong directions if they tell you to disable anything!!
I'm not up to date with CentOS 8, but Mariadb (mysql fork) may already be installed - not sure.

sudo dnf install httpd php may help.

httpd = Apache
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Re: SELinux and LAMP.

Post by hack3rcon » 2020/06/21 13:27:57

Thank you, but I need properly SELinux commands about LAMP and WordPress.
I don't like to disable it.

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Re: SELinux and LAMP.

Post by TrevorH » 2020/06/21 17:05:48

So don't disable it.

No-one can tell you how to fix problems that you haven't experienced yet. Install what you need, run it. If you get problems then use our wikipage article (the first in the list below) to analyze the problems and fix them.

Useful resources for SELinux: | | ... ced_Linux/ | | ... licy-guide | ... tions.html
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