stumbled with vxlan multicast configuration

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stumbled with vxlan multicast configuration

Post by subbsd » 2020/05/25 12:55:12

Hi community!

I am trying to set up a very simple multicast VXLAN configuration on CentOS8 and encounter a lack of information on how to do this.
As far as i see, in CentOS8 there are two big changes - an unconditional moving to NM and bridge-utils replacement.

I can not find a configuration analog for these two commands:

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% ip link add vxlan100 type vxlan id 100 dstport 4789 local group dev eno0
% brctl addif br100 vxlan100
I see in nmcli a number of VXLAN-related parameters, but there is no information about groups. It is 'remote' ?. E.g:

nmcli connection add type vxlan id 100 ifname vxlan100 vxlan.ttl 5 vxlan.destination-port 4789 vxlan.local remote ?

Another issue: my bridge always in NO-CARRIER state. I try to add member for br100:

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% nmcli connection add type bridge-slave ifname vxlan100 master br100
but br100 always in 'NO-CARRIER' state and no any info via 'bridge link' command.

There is no problem with this configuration on CentOS7, Debian, and FreeBSD: on these operating systems, setup takes 1 minute.
Are there any examples for VXLAN (multicast, not unicast) + CentOS8? Thank!

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