Windows 10 dual boot

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Windows 10 dual boot

Post by trehtaeh » 2019/11/29 05:34:17

Hi, I'm looking at setting up a dual boot on my Windows 10. Which version of Centos would be the the best recommendation and are there any step by step guides or recommended reading that could save me some time. TIA

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Re: Windows 10 dual boot

Post by BShT » 2019/11/29 17:17:00

the newer is the better and install windows first, leave room for linux and backup your data

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Re: Windows 10 dual boot

Post by TrevorH » 2019/11/29 17:58:10

There is still a lot of stuff that just is not available for CentOS 8 yet plus it's a x.0 release. I tried it on one of my spare servers at work and went back to CentOS 7 as there was too much stuff that was not available that makes it actually useful.
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