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Post by addw » 2019/11/18 17:44:49

Please can we have this. I want, when using gpg, to get an in-line prompt in much the same way as with su or passwd.
Popping up a curses based dialogue (or even a graphical one) just get in the way.

Thank you

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Re: pinentry-tty

Post by aks » 2019/11/25 18:47:23

I haven't done this for quite while, but I seem to recall that GnuPGP can read a descriptor at (say 3) and you can pass the word there. So you tell PGP to read the secret from (say) stderr (3) and you pass the descriptor to the stderr of that process. If you script this, you will face the problem of having the secret in plain text (or at least, easily reversible) on disk.

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