Repositories for CentOS Stream

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Repositories for CentOS Stream

Post by alex.theoto » 2019/11/03 15:15:33

I have some knowledge about Fedora's repositories, like how to config and install rpmfusion packages and so on.
Now I've installed CentOS Stream from netboot iso and I have some questions.
I have the following question.
After the installation, the repolist has enabled the AppStream, BaseOS and extras. But I see that these repo are for CentOS8.
So I installed the 'centos-release-stream' from the 'extra' repo.
Now my question is do I have to disable the AppStream, BaseOS and extras from the CentOS8 version and use the stream's repo?
I see that the non-stream repo has more packages but the available one are duplicates with the stream's repo.
My concern is that if I remove these repo, I cannot install the 'workstation' group because of the missing packages.
And will the updates for the stream version will be on stream* repositories? Can I have both stream and non-stream repo enables with no conflict?

Thank you in advance.

EDIT: During installation, I chose the minimal installation, not the workstation.
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Re: Repositories for CentOS Stream

Post by TrevorH » 2019/11/03 16:19:38

Now I've installed CentOS Stream from netboot iso and I have some questions.
I'm not sure you did. It sounds from the rest of your post like you pointed the netinstaller to the CentOS 8.0.1905 repos not the "Stream" ones.

I'd suggest using the full DVD not a netinstall.
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Re: Repositories for CentOS Stream

Post by alex.theoto » 2019/11/04 14:01:13

Now I used the 'CentOS-Stream-x86_64-dvd1.iso'
On minimal installation the repositories were only for Centos8.
Doing a full workstation installation the repolist has both Centos8 and centos-stream 'appstream, base and extras' enabled.
So, I don't know if this is normal or there is a bug.

Code: Select all

cat /etc/*lease
shows Centos 8.

Any hint is welcome...

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Re: Repositories for CentOS Stream

Post by jcbollinger » 2019/11/21 15:20:35

I also performed a CentOS Stream install from the DVD ISO (v 8.0.1905) and ended up with two sets of repositories. The command

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dnf list 'centos-release*'
shows both centos-release and centos-release-stream installed, from @anaconda, and each provides a set of repositories, so this appears to be a natural result of the installation. Moreover, it does not appear to be safe to remove the centos-release package, as it provides several files that the other doesn't, notably including GPG keys. Furthermore, the Stream repos appear to be configured to coexist with the others, as they are assigned different identifiers.

This leaves me scratching my head. It all appears to be by design, but it is a bad design, as the Stream repos seem to contain all the same packages as the non-stream ones, plus updated versions of some of them. Why, then, should the non-Stream repos also be provided (and even enabled!)?

Anyway, while this situation persists in the release packages, is there a reason not to simply disable the non-Stream repos?

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