Missing epel packages

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Zlobniy Shurik
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Re: Missing epel packages

Post by Zlobniy Shurik » 2019/10/08 03:30:36

Please, add proftpd, certbot and phpMyAdmin

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Re: Missing epel packages

Post by TrevorH » 2019/10/08 07:22:46

Just to be clear: CentOS does not control EPEL and we have no influence over the packages that are there. If you are missing things from EPEL that you think should be there, the place to ask about it is on bugzilla.redhat.com in the Fedora EPEL section. Search for existing bug reports first and if none found then raise a new one to request the package you're after.

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Re: Missing epel packages

Post by Jelmer » 2019/11/08 18:36:13

simaqs wrote:
2019/09/30 03:53:16
I need ntfs-3g!
It's in the Epel Playground repo!!

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Re: Missing epel packages

Post by jeepster » 2019/11/09 02:26:04

TrevorH wrote:
2019/09/25 20:19:30
Many developers for EPEL rely on having a CentOS machine on which to build and test packages. That means that the process is a bit horse and cart so one has to be there for the other to be provided. Hopefully now that CentOS 8 is out, EPEL will catch up fairly quickly.
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Re: Missing epel packages

Post by desertcat » 2019/11/11 01:28:09

haiopeis wrote:
2019/09/25 11:41:26

it looks like there are some packages missing compared to CentOS 7.
In my case: tig and etckeeper
Does anyone know which repo I have to activate for them?

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