Upgrade process from CentOS7

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Re: Upgrade process from CentOS7

Post by mario.dietlein » 2019/09/27 12:30:03

foxb wrote:
2019/09/25 14:52:44
But it fails with

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Requires: leapp-repository >= 0.8.1
Available: leapp-repository-0.3-1.devel.20181116.git.72
Any ideas on a fix?
The problem here is, that they moved the leapp-repository and (my guess is that) the automatic building system of the leapp-repository (copr) doesnt know about the new sources.

So the fix would be to create a package out of the sources (https://github.com/oamg/leapp-repository/releases)...
if you really made it, text me :D

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Re: Upgrade process from CentOS7

Post by zippieok » 2019/09/27 18:12:00

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Re: Upgrade process from CentOS7

Post by oscaritox2000 » 2019/09/27 19:17:02

Will do!!

Thank you for the update.


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Re: Upgrade process from CentOS7

Post by hunter86_bg » 2019/09/27 19:58:31

I would consider fresh install.

Keep in mind that a lot of Rred Hat packages are removed , while 5-6 CentOS packages were added.
Even if you build leapp, you need to severely modify it to make it work.

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