No Recent updates to Centos 7.6 repositories?

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No Recent updates to Centos 7.6 repositories?

Post by frank.slicer » 2019/09/11 14:43:13


Can someone tell me why there have not been any Package updates sync'd for Centos 7.6 x86_64 since 7/31/2019?

For example, ... s/?C=M;O=D

Just wondering if there is some pause for the summer or does this have something to do with the IBM acquisition of Redhat?

I typically run yum upgrade every 1 to 2 weeks.

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Re: No Recent updates to Centos 7.6 repositories?

Post by avij » 2019/09/11 14:51:40

No, this has nothing to do with IBM. The reason for the delay is that RHEL 7.7 was released some time ago, and CentOS 7.7 .iso images haven't been released yet. No need to worry, though -- you can already get the 7.7 packages via the Continuous Release repository with yum update --enablerepo=cr. The .iso images will be released once all the bits in 7.7 have passed QA.

Note that publishing the packages to the CR repo first is nothing new. This procedure has been in place for around eight years.

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